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"Chair Fantasy" commerical, turned mobile print ad.

I was lucky enough to be the wardrobe stylist for 4 different commercials for Lawrance Furniture back in May, 2013. When working on any commercial shoot there is always so much anticipation to see the final product. You wait....and wait....and wait a little more, until the final product comes out.

I was able to view the final edited commercials before they aired online & tv, but it didn't truly feel complete until I actually saw the commercials air live on tv. What a great feeling that was, a feeling that is pretty hard to explain. I was absolutely in love with how they all turned out. I felt so proud to be a part of something so great. Working with so many talented people, with so many creative visions and seeing it all turn into one final amazing product....Ahhhhhh, there is just something so beautiful about that. It gave me chills.

With that being said, one the producers from Emota sent me this image via text the other day and I wanted to share it with all of you. This image is from one of the 4 commercials, I styled, for Lawrance Furniture. It's one of my FAVORITE commercials, "Chair Fantasy". Am I allowed to say that :)?

Seeing this image allowed me to relive something so great, giving me chills all over again. It's the simple things in life. How cool is my job?