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NO Flowers Mother's Day, under $100

Mother's day is almost here again, can you believe it? If you haven't found the perfect gift for the woman who brought you into this world, don't worry, there's still time for something other than flowers!

I'm not a huge fan of flowers. I know, I know, it's like I'm not even human! Just hear me out. Of course, they are so beautiful when you first get them, until you realize you now have a new daily task to add to your to-do list. First, you have to find and dust off the one vase you actually have, cut the stems at the perfect angle under running water, and then water/feed the new (unexpected) guest in your home everyday until they start to smell rancid, only to.........die. It's tragic. Moral of the story? Your mother has been working hard enough being a mother to you, so don't give her more work. Instead, give her something that she can enjoy for longer than a week.

Here are some great finds for all you last minute shoppers. I hope you find something fabulous that suits that special mother of yours.

Happy Mother's Day to all you amazing mommas out there! xo

Pottery Barn Glass Jewelry Storage, Pottery Barn $39-$49

UGG Australia 'Nala' Suede Clog Slipper, Nordstrom $79.95

Longchamp "Mini Le Pilage' Handbag, Bloomingdale's $95

Personalized wooden jewelry box, Nordstrom $58

Philosophy 'amazing grace' set, Nordstrom $55


A Life Changing Makeup Date


Last weekend I had one of the best dates I've had in a long time, a date with the founder/president of Sayuki Custom Cosmetics, Tracy "Sayuki" Wells.  I had this fabulous date at Bloomingdale's, Fashion Valley, during their grand opening of the Sayuki Cosmetics counter.  Tracy spent so much time with & was so kind, knowledgeable & very passionate about her product.  Her passion alone made me even more excited to try it out.

Sayuki cosmetics mainly focuses on creating custom color match foundaton, in minutes!  Yes, minutes.  Crazy uh?  This is kind of the cosmetics worlds version of the Home Depot custom paint colors.  Why didn't I think of this?!  Genius, Tracy.

I have been an estee lauder foundation girl for about 15 years now & after my date with Tracy, I have to find the words to break-up with estee lauder.  Although, I may keep a bottle of my estee lauder double wear as an emergency back up foundation, but it will not longer be my #1. 

Okay, more about this FAB Foundation!  Every individual has a different skin color/shade, no two individuals are going to be exactly the same, so a custom color foundation is pure genius.  No more two toned face & neck drama!  Hallelujah. 

Here's how its done:

Step 1:  Fill out a super quick quesitonaire with basic information about yourself & the type of skin you have and what type of coverage you are looking for.

Step 2:  A Color Scanning device is placed on your clean face.  Here it finds the exact color composition of your skin, instantly.  After a clear scan is taken, the same thing is done on your clean neck.  Can someone say INNOVATION!

Step 3:  Your scans are inputed into their computers.

Step 4:  What I like to call the "magic Sayuki machine" begins to blend your custom shade into a bottle.

Step 5:  The bottle is placed in a what appears to be a mini paint container shaker, and shaken like crazy until it's perfectly blended.

Step 6:  Apply the foundation on your face & rejoice in the fact that your face and neck actaully match.

Step 7:  Upon your happiness, the makeup artist will then bottle your foundation up & give you a little card with your personally foundation number on it. 

Although Sayuki's main focus is custom foundation, their cosmetics line has some other great products I was able to try out like their custom concealer, primer, eye shadow and tinted moisturizer.  My favorite product (besides the foundation) is their invisible pressed rice powder, this stuff is AMAZING.  I'll be trading in my Laura Mercier traslucent loose setting powder in for this little gem.  It really sets your foundation without leaving your face looking cakey by the middle of the day. 

Sayuki means, “Creates Happiness”, which is exactly what it did for me.  You should try it and see if it does the same for you.